WC Coin Operated Toilet Door Lock

WC Toilet Door Coin Operated Lock

A strong robust Coin Retain Lock designed for use on Toilet Doors.

Easy Operation

The user enters a coin or token into the slot, the door can then be opened. The coin or token is retained by the lock.


Can be fitted to doors as narrow as 10mm meaning it can be fitted to individual cubicle doors as well as the main toilet door. Can be made to suit left or right handed doors.


An override key allows someone in authority to open the door in emergencies. Locks can be set so that a separate key is required for each lock or mastered so that one key opens every lock in an installation.

Coin or Token

Can be operated by coins or tokens allowing members of staff or customers access without charge. Standard denomination is £0.20 but other coins can be accommodated.

Wet Environments

All fixings and components are made from Stainless Steel making the lock suitable for external or humid environments.

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