Everyone at Prefect Equipment is dedicated to the preservation of our environment for the benefit of our children and descendants.

We are committed to using products and manufacturing processes that are as gentle to the environment as possible.

All of our products and components are purchased from suppliers and factories that operate an environmental policy and a strict management system in addition to our own environmental policy.

The two main components used to manufacture our lockers are solid grade laminate (doors) and medium density fiberboard (carcass) – both made from fully recyclable materials.

Our MDF is made from sustainable resources, fast-growing pine wood which takes between 15 and 40 years to reach maturity.

These trees absorb CO2 as they grow to maturity and lock it into the wood. Since wood is not burned, the CO2 remains locked and at the end of the lockers life (which is very long because of the strength of MDF and SGL!) materials can be recycled keeping the CO2 trapped even longer.

Thus, our lockers will not only keep your belongings safe, they also help protect the planet.