Tough and Durable

There are two main criteria that a locker must comply with in order to be fit for purpose:

It must be made from materials suitable for the environment it will be used in and it must be tough enough to withstand the toughest treatment its users will exert upon it.

Prefect’s revolutionary Plastic Lockers comfortably surpass both requirements for lockers that can be used in wet, humid or external areas or in areas prone to high levels of vandalism.

These lockers are so tough we are more than happy to offer them with a 10 year warranty giving you complete peace of mind.



As these plastic lockers cannot rust they can be used outdoors in school playgrounds, on oilrigs and ships or in areas with wash down facilities such as abattoirs. The ability to be washed down also makes them popular in hospitals.

The lockers have an attractive appearance and are a very popular choice for swimming pool changing areas or by the poolside.

A fully fire retardant version is also available.

The plastic in these lockers is full food grade plastic.



external lockers

Fully assembled units – no onsite assembly required

Anti – Bacterial Finish

Heavy Duty Vandal Proof Concealed Hinges

Optional Sloping Top

Optional Stand

Optional Waterproof Seal

10 Year Warranty


Locking Mechanisms


The lockers are available with dry or wet area cam locks, hasp and staple locks for use with a padlock, coin return locks and of course the Prefect Combination lock which is also suitable for use in wet areas.



Environmentally Friendly

Prefect Plastic Lockers are made from recyclable high density Polyethylene meaning that as well as being extremely strong at the end of their extensive lifespan they won’t be a burden to the planet.


Colours and Sizes

Lockers are available with grey bodies with red, yellow, grey or blue doors.

Available as a 4 tier, 3 tier or 2 tier unit 1800mm high x 325mm wide x 450mm deep.

Special colours and sizes available subject to minumum order quantities.


Please contact us for more details or download our Plastic Lockers brochure here: Prefect Plastic LockersPDF

0330 311 1003

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