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‘Your lockers really are the business by the way…just what we hoped they would be! Magnificent’

THB – Malborough House School

Why choose Prefect School Lockers?

10 Year Warranty – complete peace of mind
Made from the toughest materials available – doors can’t be dented or bent out of shape
Wide variety of sizes and locks available – custom sizes are also available
Fire retardant and external options available – suitable for any environment or application

Prefect School Lockers have been specifically designed for use in your world, the world of education.

Love them as we do, kids can sometimes be less than gentle when it comes to taking care of their lockers!

That is why Prefect school lockers have been engineered to be as tough and robust as possible. On top of that they look amazing.

Locker doors are made from 10mm thick Solid Grade Laminate. A wide variety of Laminates are available including Abet, Trespa, Arpa, Formica, Polyrey, and many more.

This material is incredibly tough and is impact, scratch and moisture resistant. It has a life span of at least 30 years and is under warranty for 10 years. In other words, the doors are strong enough to endure the toughest of treatment. For years to come they will look and feel like new.

Fortunately it isn’t just the locker doors on our school lockers that are made from high quality materials. All of our locks, hinges and other components have been carefully developed to ensure there is no weak link in the chain.

The locker carcass is made from 18mm thick Melamine Face MDF as standard. This is another extremely tough material with great resistant to vandalism and a long life span. Like our doors it is made from sustainable resources and is 100% recyclable.

The locker carcass can also be produced in Mild Steel or in Solid Grade Laminate. Doors are also available in Mild Steel for use in staffrooms or areas at low risk to vandalism.

A huge range of colours and finishes are available including timber and textured finishes. Fire retardant lockers can be produced for use in corridors and Moisture Resistant carcasses are also available.

We also provide a wide variety of locks including combination locks, hasp locks, electronic keypad locks and RFID locks. Please visit our locks page for more details.

For external use we recommend our plastic lockers

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