4 Digit Combination Locks For Lockers – N4DCL

A locker is only as secure as it’s lock. Fact.

Thankfully our 4 digit combination locks have been designed to be as robust as our lockers.

The housing and all internal components are made from a tough zinc alloy – no cheap plastic parts!

With a massive 10,000 possible combinations you can assured that it is a tough ask for any thief to stumble across the combination.

The lock is easy to reprogramme and emergency access is quick and simple with the reset key.

To set a new code users simple hold the button on the side of the lock (when open) and turn the dials to the new code, release the button and the new code has been set.

Lost codes can be found using the reset key.

No keys means less time dealing with lost keys and less cost in replacement keys making this lock ideal for use in schools and busy offices.

The lock is fitted with a standard 19mm x 16mm threaded barrel making it easy to retrofit to existing lockers. Suitable for doors up to 22mm thick. Various cams are available.

We keep several thousand in stock for quick delivery.

Available in Black or White as standard. Other colours available on request subject to MOQ.


All MDF, metal, wooden and acrylic locker doors.

Office furniture (desks / cabinets / cupboards)

Schools, shops, offices, retail, industrial

Product Reference: N4DCL Combination Lock

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4 Digit Combination Lock

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