CAM Lock

Cam Locker Locks and Locker Keys

Our amazingly robust CAM locks are of the highest quality and will enhance the security of your lockers significantly. They come with the following features as standard:

An amazing 10,000 different key codes

2 high security laser cut keys as standard with each lock

30 different master key series available

5 Chamber cylinder for maximum security

Suitable for use in wet and external areas.

Master keys open every lock regardless of the code so essential for when someone loses their key or leaves without handing their key back in.

Replacement Locker Keys

Replacement locker keys can be ordered directly from Prefect as can replacement locks and other spares.

We can also reproduce locker keys and master keys for ALL lock manufacturers including Lowe and Fletcher, Ronis, Ojmar and Assa so if you need replacement keys or locks for your existing lockers we can help.

Simply email us a the list of lock codes you require and we will reply with a price and lead time. Most keys are available quickly, within 2 – 3 working days.

For maximum security we can also supply and install robust key cabinets. Using a key cabinet makes good sense as all of your spare keys are kept in a secure place and in a way that makes it easy to organise and find replacement keys when you need to get them.

Cam Locker Locks and Locker Keys

Its an age old dilema, how do you manage in some cases over 1000 different locker keys in a school environment? The honest answer is that installing reprogrammable combination locks is a much better option for a school enviroment. Our combination lock can be retro fitted to most existing lockers. However, if budgets don’t allow that option or you simply have to live with an existiing locker installation there are one or two things you can do to help manage your students keys and stay sane at the same time.

Charge a Deposit

Its amazing how the number of lost keys plummets dramatically when students are charged a deposit that is not returned if they lose their keys. Some schools have gone from losing 10 – 20 keys a week to losing 1 – 2.

Use Key Fobs and Number Discs

Putting numbers on the locker doors and a corresponding number on the locker key may sound really simple and most schools do this but it will help recover most lost keys.

Please contact us for further details.

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