Coin/Card Locker Locks

Coin Locks are ideal when you want to allow various people use of the same locker compartment.

The locker key is trapped in the lock barrel and only be removed when a coin is inserted into the lock. When the key is inserted into the lock and the door is opened the coin is either returned to the user or on coin retain locks the coin drops into a security box. The key is then trapped again ready for the next user.

On the card version of the lock a special card with a punched hole is required to use the lock. These cards are controled by an administrator who issues them to users in the form of a membership card or in exchange for a deposit. To avoid unauthorised use the card only works when punched with a punch available exclusively from Prefect.

Available to suit either a wet or dry environment.

Should the key be lost the lock cylinder can be removed and easliy replaced ensuring the security of the lock.

Can be Right or Left handed. Standard and Security keys available.

Please specify options at point of order (handing, coinage, etc).

Please contact us for further details or download our brochure here: Coin/Card Lock

Coin/Card Lock