Electronic Keypad Lock

Electronic Keypad Locker Locks

Our Electronic Keypad locks have a host of amazing features.

Locks are supplied with a preinstalled software package offering six different modes of operation.

The UserCode is the code for the normal user of the lock. The MasterCode allows you to administer the UserCode and switch between the preinstalled modes. It can of course be used like a master key in the event of a user forgetting his code.

With the support of a seperately available Admin Kit which is plugged into a PC via a USB interface it is possible to export, import and reset the data in a very user friendly way. Furthermore, locking plans can be created and the last code entries can be read.

Battery life is an amazing 20 years (based on 1000 operations per month).

User Modes

Easy Local User Mode

This is the standard mode and the simplest of all the variants. Code length is restricted to 4 digits. When the doors is closed the lock activates automatically.

Local User Mode

This mode is intended for regular use by the same user. Ideal for offices and private use or in schools and colleges where students are assigned their own locker. Users select their own UserCode and MasterCodes.

Easy One Time User Mode

This mode is intended for environments where the user of the lock changes regularly.

To close the locker users enter their own UserCode which immediately exipires when the lock is opened.

Popular in schools where lockers are not issued to specified students, hot desk offices, call centre, factories operating multiple shifts, etc.

One Time User Mode

Operates just like the Easy One time mode only users have to enter the UserCode a second time once the door is locked to confirm the code. This prevents wrong usercode entry.

Central User Mode

Works in the same way as the Local User Mode however UserCode administration can only be carried out by an authorised administrator. The latter sets the locking plans and assigns individual UserCodes to the respective users. This mode is used where central code administration is required and individual users are not authorised to change the UserCodes.

Multi User Mode

This mode permits up to eight users to operate the lock with their own respective individual UserCodes. This mode requires the Admin Kit which is able to show which user last opened the lock using which code.

TAN Mode (not preinstalled, optional extra)

The word TAN is used in online banking to mean a Transaction Number (TAN). The TAN mode on our keypad lock is a system that can be fully automated to generate UserCodes and issue them by SMS or Email to users.

This system is ideal for locks with a high turnover of users such as:

Hot Desk Offices

Leisure Centres, Spas, Gyms

Shift Operators

Hotel Safes

Lockers in Schools, Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Airport Lounges, Bars, etc

Codes are requested by the user or an administrator via a web interface or app depending on the location and can be issued to users via the app, SMS or email.

If the code is forgotten a new code can be generated and transmitted to the user by the same means as the original code.

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