Latch Lock

Hasp & Staple Locks and Latch Locks

If you want to use padlocks on your lockers a robust hasp and staple (latch) lock is essential.

The market is full of cheap hasp and staple locks that can be easily snapped open or in many cases the padlock can be used as a lever to twist the lock to a point where the internal mechanism snaps allowing the door to be opened.

This lock has been designed to eliminate that risk with its unique anti-rotational security system.

These latch locks are suitable for use in external or wet areas.

It can be used on locker doors up to 20mm thick.

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Prefect Hasp Lock

Hasp & Staple Locks and Latch Locks

In situations where you do not want to use keys or combination locks a Hasp and Staple Lock allows you to use padlocks to lock the locker door.

This allows flexible use of the lockers as lockers can either be assigned to a specific individual who keeps it locked with their own padlock or multiple people can use the same locker compartment by taking their padlock home with them and then simply using another available locker on their next visit or shift. In a leisure environment padlocks can be rented to the users as payment for the locker, this can be done in the form of a partially refundable deposit ensuring you get the padlock back.

The benefits of this system are that you eliminate the need for key management and pass the responsibility onto the locker user to either bring their own padlock or return the padlock in exchange for the return of their deposit.

The downside is perhaps more aesthetic in that unless you issue all of the padlocks you will end up with lots of different style padlocks dotted around your locker room!

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