Brass Padlocks and Dial Combination Padlocks for Lockers

Our range of high quality padlocks have been designed specifically for use on locker hasp and staple / latch locks.

All of our padlocks are master key operated making them ideal for use in schools and workplaces where access to the lockers may be required quickly should someone forget their code or for security checks.

We stock 2 main types of padlock for quick delivery, both are perfect for use on lockers with a strong hardened steel shackle just the right size for hasp and staple locks.

Dial Combination Padlock – Master Key Override

This high quality padlock features a hardened steel shackle and body that is chrome plated for a vibrant, attractive finish.

The lock cylinder is brass for maximum strength and durability.

A master key opens the lock should the code be forgotten or should security checks be required.

Each lock comes with a pre-set combination chosen from a massive range of 64,000 possible codes.

Available from stock for quick delivery.

Lock Body – 48mm diameter

Shackle – 7mm diameter

Brass Padlock – Master Key Override – GOLD Standard Security Rating

This high quality padlock features a hardened steel shackle and brass body that looks sleek and attractive.

The lock cylinder is also brass for maximum strength and durability.

Each lock comes with 2 keys. Additional keys can be ordered on request.

A master key opens the lock should the key be lost or should security checks be required.

Meets the GOLD standard for security – the highest rating available.

Available from stock for quick delivery.

Lock Body – 40mm square

Shackle – 6.2mm diameter

For pricing information please email us details of the quantity required:

Non Stock Padlocks and Specials

In addition to these stock items we have an extensive range of padlocks as detailed below that are available on a lead time subject to minimum order quantities. We can also produce bespoke padlocks to your exact specification subject to minimum quantities. For prices and lead times please contact us.

Discus / Disk Padlocks

These heavy duty padlocks are ideal for external applications such as garage doors, gates, trailers and vehicles.

They offer very high security as the discus design makes them extremely resistant to attack or efforts to force them open.

The Stainless Steel body offers excellent resistance to corrosion and humidity.

Available in 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm and 90mm sizes.

4 Digit Combination Padlocks

These high quality padlocks have 10,000 possible combinations that can be set and changed by the user.

Hardened steel shackle with 7mm diameter.

Zinc alloy casing.

Available in a variety of colours.

Heavy Duty Padlocks

These padlocks offer a high level of security.

9mm diameter hardened steel shackle.

Brass body with bright chrome finish.

Waterproof / anti rust finish.

Anti drilling and anti pick mechanism.

Security key as standard.

Alarmed Padlocks

For maximum security you can’t get better than a lock with a built in alarm system!

We have a complete range of padlocks for use on motorbikes, trailers and other applications where having an alarm built into the padlock is an essential requirement.

All locks in this range come with:

Millions of key codes

Removable cylinders

Anti drilling and anti pick mechanism

Stainless steel bodies

Hardened steel / chrome plated shackles

Contact us for details of the complete range.

In addition to our standard range of padlocks we can custom make locks to your specific requirements subject to minimum order quantities.

EDITORIAL – Why buy your padlocks from the locker manufacturer?

The most common problem people face who use hasp and staple locks is padlocks that don’t work properly.

This can happen for two reasons, poor quality padlocks or padlocks that are the wrong size for the locker hasp.

The easiest way to ensure that your padlocks are fit for purpose and will work well with your locker locks is to source them from experts in locker locks.

We have designed our range of padlocks to work in perfect harmony with the hasp locks on our lockers doors – the shackle is the right diametre, the correct height and strong enough for use in the toughest environments such as a school or factory.

It may seem like a good idea to buy cheap padlocks from the local DIY store on from an online reseller but it could be a false economy if you then have to replace them.

Please contact us for further details or download our brochure here: Coin/Card Lock

Prefect Padlocks Order Form

You can fax your order to 020 8181 617 or email it to us. All public bodies such as schools and hospitals automatically qualify for credit terms of 30 days. Limited companies can also quality for credit subject to status.

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