RFID Locker Locks

An RFID Lock is a lock that opens and closes by the use of radio signal from a transponder. RFID simply means RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION. The transponder can be housed on a swipe card, key fob, wrist strap or other similar item that is carried by the user.

The transponder locks / unlocks the lock when held up to the lock face so there is no need for keys or combinations.

Our RFID lock has many of the same features as our electronic keypad lock and can be progammed for various user groups.

The lock can be used over 10,000 times on a single battery which gives the battery an incredibly long lifespan.

The lock is compatible with all main RFID software providers including Mifare, Legic, HID and Tagit.

If your clients or staff have an existing data card our lock can be programmed to syncronise with it making it an ideal choice for places already using RFID technology.

It is easy to iinstall and can be retrofitted to most existing lockers and cabinet doors.

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