Wired Cloakroom Lock

Wired locks for Self Service Cloakrooms, Pushchairs, Buggies and Trolleys

Our Wired Cloakroom Lock is ideal for use in self service cloakrooms such as those found in Museums, Art Galleries and other visitor attractions.

Users simply pass the wire through their coat sleeve or other item that they wish to secure and lock the wire into place.

These locks are also ideal for use with Pushchairs / Buggies and Trolleys.

The lock is operated by inserting a £1 coin or token that releases the key. The £1 coin or token is returned when the key is reinserted into the lock after use.

A wide range of laminate boards are available for mounting the locks onto or the locks can be fitted directly to existing walls or partitions.

For cloakroom coats the locks can be fitted onto a special hanger.

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