School Locker Rentals

School Locker Rentals

If you want to install new lockers or need to replace your old rusty metal lockers but don’t have enough capital budget to cover the cost we have the solution.

Secure Locker Rentals has been designed specifically for you.

Working in partnership with your school we will install our high quality lockers in your school completely free of charge.

Pupils then rent a locker compartment for the school year directly from Prefect by visiting and paying online. The pupil is then sent the combination for their lock by text or email.

At the end of the school year the combination lock on the locker is reset ready to be rented for the following year.

Its as simple as that, no keys to manage, no money to collect, everything is processed online and runs automatically. All you have to do is provide the space for the lockers, we do the rest including an annual maintenance visit during which the lockers will be cleaned and maintained ready for the new school year.

If space is an issue don’t worry, our Polyethylene Lockers are perfect for use outdoors and can be installed under our Rental Service.

Get in touch today and get ready to install high quality lockers in your school completely free of charge!

Why choose Rentals?

No capital outlay – budget can be used elsewhere

Get all of the lockers required for the whole school – not just for a few year groups

Install a higher specification locker – Prefect Lockers are vandal resistant and will outlast standard lockers. Our combination lock means you won’t have to manage keys.

Pupil ownership – surveys prove that students take better care of lockers when they make a financial contribution to their running costs

Why choose Prefect?

High quality – our lockers are incredibly robust and durable.

No keys – our lock is operated by a combination emailed directly to the student so there are no keys to manage. If the student forgets the code a reminder can be sent quickly by email. The school is issued a master override key for emergency access which allows them to reset the code if required.

No money to collect – Payment is fully processed online via smartphone or via – no money for the school to collect or process

Customer service – our customer service levels are second to none.

Nationwide coverage – we have high quality sales people and installers based in the south east, south west, north west and Scotland giving us complete national coverage. We’re never far away.

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